Has been taken from truckers like you by ELD companies.
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Using smart freight technology, we’re leveling the playing field for small and medium-sized trucking companies.

We’re providing you with the technology and expertise you need to compete in the digital age, without compromising the way you did business in the past.

We’re building relationships, not eliminating them

Digital load boards might be efficient, but they eliminate the need for the quality relationships that you’ve worked so hard to develop. Rather than destroying those relationships, Haulynx helps you leverage your network so you can remain competitive.

We work with you to improve your efficiency

Our team is dedicated to helping you remain competitive in an ever-changing industry. New regulations have made life for truckers even more difficult, but we can help you adapt to the changes and make your business more efficient.

Together, we can fight back

At Haulynx, we’re building a community. We’re uniting small and mediums sized carriers worldwide to form a network that will benefit everyone. And the more we grow, the stronger we get.